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Misery and The Boy

Forsake me not
for I am the boy that walks
shrouded in hyp[ocrisy
ambling down the path of sobriety
to walk, to seek, to abide
by the laws served to us from wretched men
falling deeper….
down the rabbit holes of reason
plush toys and burning eyes
smoke riddled pores

Into dust and into weakness
oh lords of living
the lust is all but fearless
idiosyncratic pause
I find the pulse
the eyes within the eye
the minds within the mind

I hug the walls of my own chamber
blood dripping from the ceiling
black bottles, empty entrails
glass underneath my fingernails
the soundwaves linger on into the night
The mindwaves travel
out of sense, out of sight
I tear the packet with my teeth
I swear its food
I know it is
I know it is
healthy, edible, vegan
drab, poisonous, treated
laced with human frailty
salt crystals form on the eyelids
and I am forced to feed myself
to feed the youth
to feed the airwaves with my truth
fed nothing but liquid nitrogen
I am poised to project
the innocence of night
belligerent fool
as impossible as you are
denial draws a slow breath
and I am left again

Alone again

To roam again

To begrudge, belittle and bemoan

Prayer beads scattered
and my arm in tatters
one more hit
the indoctrination swells
the needle, the glass, the voice
I am whatever they say I am
the choice

Now get to the river
praise that which you cannot be
that which you cannot see
that which you cannot taste
that which you cannot lick
that which you cannot know
sick to death of sharpened tongues
tired of all the places you’ll never go
and now the windmills cut a path
through hell and home
the music drones
in all the matter
in all our domes
the blood turns grey
we should have listened to the crones

The Blinds of the Beholder

We’re sitting here staring
at a world without direction
no poise, no providence
no one to guide us on our
path to redemption
without the means to dive deep
into pools of reflection
we’re stuck sitting here, staring
at a wall with no paint
no source, no scene, no strength
what colour has no name
no reason to be
no reason to feel
what colour has no point of origin
what shades hide beyond our eyes
beneath the world we hide behind
we’re sitting here staring
at a voice we cannot hear
at a sound we have to come to steal
a note chosen for the brightest of hearts
a voice beyond ours
beyond the stars up above
beyond hope, beyond reason
and yet the voice cries
and yet, we are still here
at a thought that has gone astray
we move in tandem to bar the way
for thoughts written in thoughts
words written in words
a blur upon blurs
unlike the spell
and most unlike the spelling
where this will go
there is no telling
we’re sitting here staring
out the window and at each other
the eyes are open but we are not
the bodies are broken but we are not
the mind has awoken, but the world has not
now is the time to empty yourself
to empty the cup
to empty the think tank and block that shit up
accept only silence in the form of a riot
flood the halls of oppression and bar the gates
we’re sitting here staring
at a world without fate
the human condition
and a road built upon ruin
the voice of the voiceless
and the mind of the mindless
the road goes ever on and on
but not without kindness
we’re sitting here staring
we’re sitting here staring
look into the eyes of the beholder
sit idle as the flames burn brighter
and continue to stare at us
as we sit here staring

Bellana’s Song

It’s been a good while since I’ve posted something to this little pocket dimension of mine. So I thought I’d share a little something from the D&D/Pathfinder Homebrew I was playing with my buddies. The Campaign came to an unfortunate end as Life, Inspiration and listlessness often affect the things we truly enjoy. There was no harm done though, it was beautiful while it lasted. This was a little sendoff I wrote for my character as the City of Arles came to an abrupt end. Here we go….


Bellana sat in B&Ds for a time, pondering on how she came to be so comfortable in a Tavern after the life she had led. A pickpocket from a ‘difficult’ part of the city that always found herself on the run from some thug or one of the Slave Masters. Her thoughts turned to Eva, and all the misadventures they had together. A spark appeared in her dull green eyes for just a moment before vanishing into her memory once again. She took the last sip from her cup and smirked at the thought of her newfound companions going about their business and preparing for the Task that lay before them.

“A City guard, in Arles?”

She whispered under her breath, drawing the attention of some of the patrons as well as a smile from a rather beautiful barmaid. Bellana returned the smile as she waved her over, grasped the young woman’s hand and asked for another round of their finest ale. Entranced by her unnatural beauty, the barmaid set off at once to find the best ale, mug and pastries in the Tavern. The Nightwitch made herself more comfortable and closed her eyes for a few seconds before beginning to hum a song she had been working on for the past few nights. The sound turned the heads of every patron and worker in the establishment. Those that were drinking, stopped. Those that were at work on the floors or in the kitchens, stopped. A cart outside. The Horses. All frozen in time by the otherworldly chanting of this woman whom they had never seen before.

Bellana pursed her lips together….

High in the halls of the kings who are gone
Jenny would dance with her ghosts
The ones she had lost and the ones she had found
And the ones who had loved her the most

The ones who’d been gone for so very long
She couldn’t remember their names
They spun her around on the damp old stones
Spun away all her sorrow and pain

The Barmaid, seemingly unaffected by the song and yet still entranced by Bellana’s magic, lumbered toward her with a new mug of ale and what resembled a giant pretzel with blueberries adorning each ring. What felt like a lifetime for the young woman was in fact mere seconds for those that bore witness to the spectacle. Time had now ceased to exist in B&Ds. The air became dense, and the patrons nearest to Bellana began to shift into illusionary versions of themselves. The liquid in every mug drifted upward toward the ceiling, and the faces of the people curved and contorted into forms of elation and understanding. The song, and the barmaid, continued forward in time….

And she never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave
Never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave

They danced through the day
And into the night through the snow that swept through the hall
From winter to summer then winter again
‘Til the walls did crumble and fall

A low rumbling crept across the City. Wisps of light darted across the walls and in-between the patrons of the Tavern hall. Their presence, however, was not enough to shake the concentration of Bellana, and that of the patrons focused on her melodic abilities. Though she felt the energy struggling with her own, Bellana maintained her poise and refocused all of her magic into the song.

A crack appeared across the ceiling, moving to the walls at the back of the Tavern, then spreading throughout the establishment. Parts of the wall crumbled, and as they fell from their place they were suspended in what looked to be a large hand made only of light. The ceiling gave way to a more powerful force and a large chunk began to plummet. It lingered in the air, only a few feet above the Barmaid, slowed by eternity and by the chords of music now visibly emanating from Bellana’s form.

She opened her eyes, which had now become an emerald sea of unnatural light. Continuing to sing the words that somehow protected all those in the establishment, she began removing the cloth she had wrapped around her left arm earlier that morning. Her voice turned to match the low rumbling of the earth around her….

And she never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave
Never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave
And she never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave
Never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave

High in the halls of the kings who are gone
Jenny would dance with her ghosts
The ones she had lost and the ones she had found
And the ones
Who had loved her the most

Bellana’s back arched as twin beams of green light were sent streaming through the ceiling into the sky above. The runes on her left hand shared the same light, as did those on her right thigh and foot, though their glow was stifled by her clothing and the leather wraps she had acquired from Teressa. Regaining her poise, Bellana weaved a symbol of light into the air which managed to push the walls and ceiling back a little. She looked through the doorway that led out into the street and witnessed the earth, sundered, and enveloping all around it. Cries of agony and hopelessness filled her ears. She glanced around the Tavern, from patron to patron, wall to wall. The wisps of light were still present, darting back and forth between the people, yet maintaining their distance from Bellana. They seemed to be afraid of her, or at least cautious.

The walls began to groan. Bellana understood that her spell was waning. She locked eyes with the Barmaid, who seemed to be regaining her senses. The young woman understood what was happening around her, yet she still had the same look of elation on her beautiful face. Bellana smiled as she approached the woman. Weaving a magical line of green energy as she walked past all the other patrons, the tables, the mugs of ale that were now empty and falling upwards. She put her right arm around the young woman, and whispered…

“The Fates have dealt you a troubling hand. I say we give it back…”

Bellana turned to face the back of the Tavern and tugged on the green line she had left in her path. A circle formed at the end of the line. It twitched with magical energy and within an instant grew into a circular doorway of green and blue light. The room pulsed and pushed the carnage of the surroundings back just a little bit more. She tugged on the line again and the doorway began to move towards them. Bellana turned to the barmaid who was smiling amidst a sea of tears. Fully coherent and aware of what was about to happen, she said…

“Thank you, Bellana.”

A puzzled look drew itself across the face of the Nightwitch. Then a smile. And with a bit of her usual cheer breaking through the magic of that moment, Bellana responded….

“To Dorinstadt….”


The breathtakingly beautiful Lyrics that a few readers may recognise belong to Florence + The Machine and the writers/showrunners of the beloved TV Series Game of Thrones. I thought it would be a fitting song for Bellana as she remembered her lost love Eva during those final moments in the Tavern. Don’t sue me guys, I just love the song. As for Dorinstadt, it is a massive City that I created during one of my darker moments. My best friend and I have been writing stories about the City in the form of The Kill Sessions, which you will soon be seeing more of. The Kill Sessions revolve around a guild of Assassins as they go about their activities in the many dark districts of Dorinstadt. Stay tuned for more stories.

Go with grace….