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The Concrete River

unbutton your shirt strings young magister
remove your boots, remove your eyes, retract thy roots
loosen your lingering thoughts and be still
let slip your hands from the cool neck of love
take a step back into your mind
where you are standing beside yourself as you fade
from memory
undress now young blasphemer
the world watches you
no coats, no cars, no mirrors for the scars
the cool hues and blind blues of the music you listen to
they soothe you now in the growing row of all the noise
all the poise, let go of it, all the lies, get rid of it
turn the terrors of the night into pages of memory
leave them there in time, feel that energy
feel it simmer, burn through the holes in your body
endless light, a distant glimmer
no tunnels to run through at the speed of life
no rules or endless fools in the world to hurt, to bruise
they sing praise down upon you, the bring pain to construct you
listen as the night burns the fur
your clothes are in a heap, mocking you
your body begins to creak, as the cold covers you
the valkyries, blind with mistrust, they hover, motionless
their sons, daughters, brothers, boneless
deathly spectres come to assess you
a dull blanket is thrown over
your friend, the moon above blows a kiss
and deaths daughter approaches
you have lifted the veil that has covered the world
dressed in black ember, with voices trapped in tar
the men and women now flood the streets
they envy you, they mimic you, they lust for you
mistrust, i do
clothes come off, fear is bought
loyalty lies where the dead would roam
and all we have now is an ocean of thought
caress the notion
no boots to put on, no coat to cover our eyes
no socks for the chill
and there lie the strings of you shirt
removed before you were born
by those that would love you and mourn
distant voices ring out again
music dulls
empty nests and a state of undress
love the night, for it builds you up
to test

Red Matter

down goes the master in the night
down, down, down
red is the colour filled with light
red is the blood we feed the air
dust in the bowl, red , down into the hole
bury your promises with the essence of soul

you mock the lingering question
what is this noise
your mind fills with endless never-theres
never, she never cared
red is the sign of death and passion
red, red, red is the memory
and you are the answer to the question

stolen words from a siren tongue
sultry scents from a violent one
answers to riddles that no one knows
we are the fire, so i suppose
we could be friends if the night was young
we could be red if i was
we could be friends if i was
you could be dead if he was
and i am the best at riddles, i guess

speak no more of talents, or tongues, or torture
my heart fills with anguish and longing
reddish anger, pretty pictures and nausea
so are the silent made to shout
so are the fairest filled with doubt
so do we rise from ashes and fire
the phoenix grows bolder, she cannot retire

so do i wish for a valiant end
to wage war eternal with love as my friend
to wash up on shores made of silver and glass
recitals with children and jovial mass
red is no more and i am the father
the mother is born yet the child is no longer
to heaven, to hell
to all that would mourn us
I’d love her forever
and the night would ignore us

no talk of masters or men of black hair
the light has gone out and the moon is not there
so it begins
the long suffering song
with lyrics of laughter
and music to harm
instrument folly and maestros of doom
the word has gone red
and the heart has no room

The 25th Song

drifting through the late night news
broken windows, broken hues
we’re painted red with the envious masses
ridiculed from within
me and you
we frenzied through our classes
classical broadway, black water walkways
fade away causeway, no longer okay
aqueducts relaying sweet blasphemous liquid
little kids listening to the toxic
playing with the cosmic commotions left over from devotions
emotionless wording disrupting our potion making
class to class
we walk backwards through the dry grass
mirrored vegetables bathed in brine
and lonely, but if we could only
me and you
cut to words that make no sense
in the middle of our lives we find ourselves
this night, this light, this lust
cast the devils from your shoulder and watch the world set
watch them wither in the sins of the father
deliverance, taste the liver as you bathe it with cement
cold water fishing versus reckless multitasking
angry, i leave the room
again and again and again and again
left motionless while we simmer down
in the oceans of our closure we are left wanting
power is pleasant to those that have none
hours are heaven to those who are done
noisy we are in the night
not the good kind, not the pure kind
no heaven for us without trust
rap rhythms and black rules
me and you
whitewashing and mistaken truths
the call is answered and i am to return
to the wet wisdom of the night
dew in the sunlight
dawn of the dull, right
no words for those that lie
no love for the wicked, why
empty curtains
broken furnaces in the rooms of the old
light lost to the annals of history
no gold for those that glitter
no bones for those who quiver
no loans for those who wither
forever and ever
to have and to mold
lost in translation as we fold
temptations fall flat as we are left lifeless
all we needed was someone
to hold