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Star Hollow

in the night i was found sleeping
dreaming dark with water streaming
reeling from the pain i felt
delivered unto time withheld
i was then left to fall apart
in agony with empty heart
in the barrows i was breathing
salt and sulphur, suffered healing
i was lost within myself
and often found to be misleading
if i am myself today
pray that i would stay this way
not the shell of hollow scars
a barren man of broken bars
cast to rivers filled with tar
water borne, from shivered stars
i am wakened, no more sleeping
for myself and others feeling
slowly, quiet down this creeping
water falls when we’re mistreating
woodland meadows in my sight
but blinded by the starry night
i linger on into the morn
lost at love, my soul forlorn
slowly steal into my shadow
woman of my dreams and marrow
wander onto dreamscape shores
and know my heart is ever yours
queen of ages, goddess moon
the sons and daughters ever swoon
for malice grips, and keeps repeating
i love you still
the veil revealing


The Murderous

lost to news reports of dead presidents and bad evidence
the killer wakes up and cracks a smile
moves about unscathed by worry in his residence
empty, save for the kittens
providence, a word reserved for those with power
he calls it sister before hitting the shower
he dials the digit of his latest pencil pushing squeeze
a way to stay ahead of the front page
a way to let loose before the night locks the cage
the beast revealed, he walks through walls and water falls
unknown to all calamity that befalls the world around him
he kills for the thrills, not to pass the time
nor to answer the darkling calls
a life lived for killing is all but kind
swollen tongues and papered war drums litter the earth
cigars of rolled up ideologies and past present timelines
hold up your candle for the dead three
pestilence, famine and war
lost to the long forgotten words of a promising species
begin again as we move forward with scenarios
a man walks into a bar and kills the sicario
the man that lives to kill men is killed by chance
burnt to cinders by the world he built
a crimson error in the great horror we live in
all for a drink and a dance
a boy walks into a classroom and kills the teacher
a father, a brother, the one they called preacher
a man with stories of his own
barren words filled with curtain calls and the midas touch
ashes to ashes, lust to dust
the boy knew enough to start a life
laced with words like crime and punishment
our world is born of strife
he knew enough to make a choice
to pull the trigger and train his voice
praised by some, abhorred by the rest
we are what we are, everything else is just a test
power is poison
news reports and we’ve come full circle
to a time lost in chaos and thunder
in a world of lies and short double dusted chocolate hateccinos
sip your darkness, drink your patience
as you feed on the great garden machine, a man watches you
he’ll crack a smile, walk over and ask for the time
what you say determines your future
what you say reveals your true nature
it’s fading
overwhelming isn’t it?
to know the end drips dangerously off your words
time falls feverishly off our chords
providence is a no show
so be sure to fly this kite solo
a life lived for killing is all but kind
yeah, this and that is all well and fine
naturally, by your design


i haven’t been here for a time
in this sphere of dreams
this painted veil of endless night
quietly they slumber
the animals around me
quietly i wonder
why am i not found

do i know this place right now
the clearing in my mind
this empty nest of blue and white
the trees around me
they all take flight
suddenly and then forever
they whisper words of goodbye
traveling to who knows where
freedom fair
it is their right

little woodland creatures rise
from their slumber in a cave
this place is strange
there are no faces
only eyes to mark the page
they stumble about
new to their footprints
what are they

we move about carelessly
to the sounds of wings and sunlight
tones i have never experienced
colours and hues inexplicable
every foal i meet
every cub, every kit
every little wonder in this world
all of them innocent

i turn my page and wander on
what does it cost to make believe
words are priceless in our minds
on the paper
in the dream
the dawn comes for all of us
the dusk waits to call us, but
when do we decide
when does the laughter cease

traveling inwards through my tale
i encounter that which my words fail
a small beast
unheard of, unseen
it is familiar
green eyes, a young forest mane around its head
a creature i know
words come to me finally
i am this little god
and you are me