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i haven’t been here for a time
in this sphere of dreams
this painted veil of endless night
quietly they slumber
the animals around me
quietly i wonder
why am i not found

do i know this place right now
the clearing in my mind
this empty nest of blue and white
the trees around me
they all take flight
suddenly and then forever
they whisper words of goodbye
traveling to who knows where
freedom fair
it is their right

little woodland creatures rise
from their slumber in a cave
this place is strange
there are no faces
only eyes to mark the page
they stumble about
new to their footprints
what are they

we move about carelessly
to the sounds of wings and sunlight
tones i have never experienced
colours and hues inexplicable
every foal i meet
every cub, every kit
every little wonder in this world
all of them innocent

i turn my page and wander on
what does it cost to make believe
words are priceless in our minds
on the paper
in the dream
the dawn comes for all of us
the dusk waits to call us, but
when do we decide
when does the laughter cease

traveling inwards through my tale
i encounter that which my words fail
a small beast
unheard of, unseen
it is familiar
green eyes, a young forest mane around its head
a creature i know
words come to me finally
i am this little god
and you are me



where is god when the curtain closes
when the ashes of your favourite world disappear
as you talk to the dying husk of your sister
sing the tunes of an old flame, long lost to time
what then?
what do you wish to see in the mirror
an empty void filled with nothing but colour
keyboard strokes bending your ear as the room clears
the shadows form and you see it
the cataclysm that’s been waiting for you
you are not the heavenly body craved by the masses
the scars of your laughter run deep into your mind
the days are numbered
you did that to the calendar because you’re afraid
distortion rules the day as you sing to a dead picture
broken and alive with memory
clouds burst and the hell above rains down upon you
noises unknown
the world falls in one night
questions go unanswered as everyone fades to darkness
the noises end
all but yours
you were all that mattered
once upon a far away time
when the world soaked in its own glory
now it is empty
where is god
and to whom does he tell this story

The Lore

i will now speak to all that have spoken before
the gods beneath rocks and the trees of night
the rivers run deep with the whispers of leaves
i fear i may die for revealing this blight
there is a rumbling of earth and of moon and of bow
of weary browed ancients that stalk the pale light
the crawlers now lurk where the darkness won’t creep
and fear has removed itself far from the sheep
a formless foe dwells in the shadow-lit corners
in taverns of ill and the shanties of woe
travelers be warned not to venture off course
a dinner you’ll make for that weasel remorse
your stories til now have been of the old
of monsters that killed not for pleasure or gold
now there are things that writhe in the weakness
to paint on this land for three bags of mould
you wander along the streets of your mind
careless to stirrings in alleys and sewer
the men on the night and the poison that feeds
a whisper to madness
humanity bleeds
the vermin we seek lie not in the gutters
they beg not for food or for shelter or butter
they nest in the courtyards and float across floor
on clouds made of servants and oppression galore
reap the storm sown by the hands of your forebears
by the swords that fell down for illusions of freedom
stare into eyes not unlike your old pair
a fresh blend of iris and innocence glare
prancing about as if they knew now
what we struggled to find in the shadows of how
show them the flames of resistance and hope
in furnaces stoked with the telling of when
our people were something
our people