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its three in the morning and my mind falls to you
i’ve been slipping lately, forgetting things, regretting things
and then it happens
i see your face and the world moves to madness
broken glass and lilac blinds
thoughts of the years we spent together
thoughts of the hallway passes, the friendly masses
i hear noises i’ve forgotten
laughter that used to drown the droning dullness of this world
pen and paper games of never even cared
you walk forward, but we never made it there
lyrics of broken melodies
and all we noticed was a strong word
foreign to most, forlorn, a ghost
i spoke it to the night gods
they listened and laughed and lost my number
never cared, and never wondered
i move past the feelings now, i move through the reasons
you’ve passed on, long gone
the years have crumbled around the old place
and i know that there’s nothing left
nothing here
all dust and empty mugs
but i still long to see your face
i walk up the hills where we once met
and i know that there’s nothing there
nothing here
struggle on, is what you said
get it done, is what you said
death and the dull blade of the universe
pester me no more as i walk this world
there’s nothing here
nothing left
we played a game that fell to darkness
and all i wanted was a word
a melody
a song
its been a lifetime since i’ve seen you
why can’t i remember your face
new music and temptation
that’s right
you’re gone



we left the homestead in a hurry
the barn was on fire and the gods were at the gate
there was no place for us to go
no hats where we could place our hangers, our heads
all was lost in the blaze
all but our hearts and the rusty cages we kept them in
we fled the valley and ran into another
only to find a loveless gorge of empty eggshells
empty nests and broken bed wells


we lingered in a moonlit yard
the air was calm, inviting
no shadows kept the place, no darkness plagued the stone
our youngest shrieked “Exciting!”
alarmed at her outburst, and at the sight of her soul
she ran into a half burned hovel
crackling and whispering of old misfortunes
we hurried after her, but she was lost
her mind was an anvil, in an ocean time forgot

-keys turn-

we wept and called to her
to the gods that we’d forgotten
we cried to our long lost loved ones

-all quiet in the hall-
-no time for tales of horror-

sleep now young child
be still
I’ll have more fear for you tomorrow

Empty Inkwell

What writhes in the deep, O sweet beloved
my metronome, and spoken truth
what thoughts cross our paths on a night like this
dementia, and speckled swords of fallen stars
a dark dream follows me, quick to the heart
a hallowed moon, and a haunting memory to pass the time
still words in the dead of night, a still word
four hours until the sun bites the earth i move upon
a dawn of new things
i walk down the street and notice the jars
empty pockets of wealth and remorse
a jar moves into view, then another
in one i find a world unknown, pain
in the other lies the remnants of my youth
red hair appears, running down the brow of the universe
it marks the blood of the ancestor, and the next
the old world and the grateful dead
funny hats and broken bottles
first the house crumbles, then tomorrow
i walk down avenues not meant for my legs
i linger over thoughts of madness
and maddening thought
i walk to the store to buy a few soldiers
death is a luxury, but only when bought