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Misery and The Boy

Forsake me not
for I am the boy that walks
shrouded in hyp[ocrisy
ambling down the path of sobriety
to walk, to seek, to abide
by the laws served to us from wretched men
falling deeper….
down the rabbit holes of reason
plush toys and burning eyes
smoke riddled pores

Into dust and into weakness
oh lords of living
the lust is all but fearless
idiosyncratic pause
I find the pulse
the eyes within the eye
the minds within the mind

I hug the walls of my own chamber
blood dripping from the ceiling
black bottles, empty entrails
glass underneath my fingernails
the soundwaves linger on into the night
The mindwaves travel
out of sense, out of sight
I tear the packet with my teeth
I swear its food
I know it is
I know it is
healthy, edible, vegan
drab, poisonous, treated
laced with human frailty
salt crystals form on the eyelids
and I am forced to feed myself
to feed the youth
to feed the airwaves with my truth
fed nothing but liquid nitrogen
I am poised to project
the innocence of night
belligerent fool
as impossible as you are
denial draws a slow breath
and I am left again

Alone again

To roam again

To begrudge, belittle and bemoan

Prayer beads scattered
and my arm in tatters
one more hit
the indoctrination swells
the needle, the glass, the voice
I am whatever they say I am
the choice

Now get to the river
praise that which you cannot be
that which you cannot see
that which you cannot taste
that which you cannot lick
that which you cannot know
sick to death of sharpened tongues
tired of all the places you’ll never go
and now the windmills cut a path
through hell and home
the music drones
in all the matter
in all our domes
the blood turns grey
we should have listened to the crones


Pulled apart by all that is pure

The seamless takes form

In my mind I find no reason to linger
no will to carry on
in this time, this place
this empty space of a mind

I join my forebears in madness
the fabric of time makes its mark

And I am broken in two
it’s not the anger
it’s not the unfulfilled desires
it’s not you

it’s not the mescaline
it’s not the ambien
it’s not the voices in my head

why would I want to live like this
why would anyone

Trapped in a vortex of delinquency
desperation and self-loathing

I digress, to nothing
nothing seen, nothing made
nothing ever gets done in this world
nothing gets answered
there are no questions
there are no truths but the one

god is a lie
your god is a lie
if there is a god, its name is death
and they are not the only ones
the pantheons, the families
the unrivaled darkness that lies within us all
the hatred
the scars

the destruction

raining down on the unjust
and the unknown
and the unkind alike
and the unapologetic
and the only way to get by
is to get by

to trudge down a muddy road

On the way to nowhere

it’s tragic
to know the fate of everything
and to do absolutely nothing about it
what a world we live in
what a time to be alive

what a pale horse

what time do you get off

The Long Night

In the long, lingering moments before death
the gods come to you
they speak of terrors, they speak of night
of the long march we all have to make
life is but a footprint in the annals of history
and the gods bring news of what lies beyond
of what lies beneath
a song of unknowing
a comedy of errors

the words that come to us at the end
when the skies fall, for the last time
they are laced with opiates
imbued with the horrors of a dark past
plague bearers arrive en masse
to serve our remains on a bed of steel
as the cosmos bows, we are unmade
once more

and once again, in all this chaos
through all the noise you’ve heard before
a pallid rider appears on the horizon
bearing news of a sullen horde
marching, here, and now
to bring our world to a close

horns are heard from east to west
and the distance draws in
a song of silent breath at your back
why move forward when your life is forfeit
why bring a torch when darkness has won
one misstep in the Age of Man
tragedy upon tragedy, upon calamity
and we sing on into the night
endless, and unforgiving
all of this to save the living

this is not the world we fight for
this is not the light we seek
the world has fallen before
and yet we find ourselves at the edge
abandon hope, let go of reason

the madness has come and we are but pawns
the kings and queens of old are laughing
freedom to run, freedom to live
freedom is to know the past
to honour the future and the now
something beyond life
outlawed in this world of woe

freedom is treason