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The Magnificent Dead

All we are is walking meat
Husks of men that were one day
Here and there and chaos sown
They’ve walked the walls and now they’re grown
Meat to feed the mighty vats
Of flesh and man and wilder cat
We men of dust and beastly fray
That Gods would scorn
and earth, decay
That malice and her ilk would maim
That ancient of the earth would cave
Upon our heads a mighty gash
From wounded heart and sightless blame
Pathetic do we weave this woe
this banner war of spectral herds
Warriors upon the night
The kind that never death and blight
A windy chill is all we feel
When men of death and dark break door
Then carry us to endless night
And onward hunt for evermore
I leave you now for all that’s real
All that was and will reveal
The doors have opened on this night

The will to live has taken flight


Suffer The Little Children

he stood there on the forest wall
staring at the stars that fall this time of year
living through all the fires that call
we hear
speaking words that flow silently beyond
all that we can and will respond
over and over
again we come to the reason
conclusions of the season to you
spiritual words make no sense anymore when these things
we do so revere these words
these chilling thirds and fourths
as they course through the bloodlines
our voices hoarse from crying
screaming at all that bring the dying
the only eye left is blind to the world
the suffering
justice no more in light of pale chanting
women bloodied and laughing
muddy waters rife with death and drugged children
left with emptiness and gun control
all we think about at night is
when will i die
when does this sick cycle send us forth to send the returner
the curtain caller
the dark fantasies of pale courtesans and opiates
dark dealings in the corner of copias
dystopian wonder is all
that’s the real concept we cannot will not shall not
give not want not understand not what you don’t got
close the door on the future and end the program
the rich get poorer each day as the poor bring calamity to the door
and hey
walk on that line of chalk as you trace the words you caught yesterday
the doors you open every day
will break before you get to May
goodbye and die and again and again
the earth is sorry my friend
we’ve lived and died in a world that won’t try
we’ve kissed the sky with our moonlight cry
all the while we’ve nodded in unison
shaken heads at the human clutter
broken our bread with the gods of society
these gods they stutter
let go and be gone from the cycle you make
only then will you listen to the words that will quake
in the minds of the wondering
the hearts of the needy
be still and fall prey to all that is chill
be strong in the night for your family dear
be cool in the school that the drugs cannot near
then you’ll get it
then you’ll stand trial with the people who let it
the people who got it but couldn’t be gotten
the men and babes that let the chaos cave
the order craves
be still my son
be calm and run
go be free good child with the daughters
the animals and callers
reappear as we once did my dear
find the place we call the land
and maybe then
God will understand


what do we do when we got the world strung out on
papers and shrill vapours eliminate the need to breathe
easy it may seem to walk among the needy and living
freely the famous spend their oxy on all the things

we don’t need to live or die this way
we wonder why they stay alive when really
they wish to die like the rest of the working men and
women can’t believe the men and the men can’t
live without the women that bring them joy freedom
a ploy to bring them and bind them in darkness

sing to them and find them wanting more and
more each day we fall deeper into trivial tastes and
a dream we have long forgotten

Gabriel Michael Selwyn Francis