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Empty Inkwell

What writhes in the deep, O sweet beloved
my metronome, and spoken truth
what thoughts cross our paths on a night like this
dementia, and speckled swords of fallen stars
a dark dream follows me, quick to the heart
a hallowed moon, and a haunting memory to pass the time
still words in the dead of night, a still word
four hours until the sun bites the earth i move upon
a dawn of new things
i walk down the street and notice the jars
empty pockets of wealth and remorse
a jar moves into view, then another
in one i find a world unknown, pain
in the other lies the remnants of my youth
red hair appears, running down the brow of the universe
it marks the blood of the ancestor, and the next
the old world and the grateful dead
funny hats and broken bottles
first the house crumbles, then tomorrow
i walk down avenues not meant for my legs
i linger over thoughts of madness
and maddening thought
i walk to the store to buy a few soldiers
death is a luxury, but only when bought


Another Feeling

I write this song for the ocean
for the crashing of waves
the deaf hear me clearly
eyes become ears
a faint sound, resonating
from the deepest of caves

Another feeling, I fear
has drawn far too near
another love, another enemy
another life
my soul has fallen from the clear

A tragic twist of fate
forces our paths to cross
why she is so cruel to us
the stars will know
why do the moons disintegrate
the night blood will show

To feel this again
my life begins to fade
I yearn for my freedom
to be released from your grip
I cannot continue when you remain
the object, the apple
my Eden sphere

My eyes are unseeing

Flee from me now
the day has been drowned
in the news of tomorrow
in the hands of hell
I cannot contain myself

So leave me to grow

Vermilion Wings

what do we do when the matchboxes are empty
winter has come
strike some carbon off the dead presidents
lift the black timber off the floor that spells revenant
end the rumour spilling tumour mill
it’s true, the stapler caught us off guard the other night
the riddler, the rhythmic, truly ruthless
take the red train to Cali, pull the hammy
it’s nothing to worry about really, just some bent meanderings
truth be told, i am a madman
and all that’s left are the deaf tones of piano stands
pavement specials part ways as i walk down the board
the bass drops and the sky darkens with maggots
the hoard forms and all that’s left are the braggarts
bark some more dead man, your heart will soar cave man
music, uplifting, movements, up[root]ing
mouths open and close as i walk to a wall
all they see is the man i was
that man left the world because
all he had left was a little dog and his words
all he wanted was the walls to stay closed
unafraid, stay lost
all he wanted was a good cup of coffee
not the shit served at parliament
not the disk sent to scream lament
lacrimosa in verse, i serve to bring curse
to you and your ilk, your deathly whores
motley monsters of filth abhorred
i know what you serve in your dire view
a block made of purity, constructed of doors
leading nowhere and nowhere is true
i walk unafraid through this world, through the zoo
through the pink condominiums and dainty tracks
johnny filth called, he wants the world back
he wants the black centipedes and all of the lights
he looks to the mountains, not to mention our rights
chitter chatter breaks the wind
then to the pitter patter of little kings
little things, in the night
little wings
call to the bringer of angry kites
the curse will lift when the world is new
the earth will burn until it lays true
to ash and flower of reddish hue
silver blue
colour coded point of view
plenty of words to fill a courtroom
or two