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The Divine Malady

I’ve searched endless eternities for your eyes
For the earthen words to match ‘your grace’
No harm can come to those we’ve touched
Or to those that drink the coral rain
No calm to find without your face
And rancor reigns when we give chase

To gods that promise life eternal
In their eyes we suffer still
In light, in dark
And all the colour
We dance and play and linger


Torn of flesh, and bloodied thrill
Cause, effect and blinded rage
We talk of travel
Ever inward
To fan the flames of our free will

In the gardens of our mind
I’ve found the stones to set us free
Beneath their bones I’ve grown my heart
To measure time and all its reasons
To count the countless years apart

I know you’ve see me in the clouds
And I’ve marked our memories in the ground
I’ve watched you change from blue to red
And followed your path from air to bed
Traversed the clifftops of duality
Back and forth into the sound

The many measures overbearing
The mind, the heart
A rogue in love
But not uncaring

My cause to know a soul’s calamity
In the dark of life
I linger
Bringing hours to the storm
You gift the world with your divinity

Even now I see it clearly
The face that brought this fate to me
My mind races as I lay beneath the stars
The earth
Moving in the way of stones

‘What time is it?’

You sing to me in dulcet tones


Novalis Cosmia

I move through the worlds you know
Through the eyes you claim to be
I sew the mind strings of all that would falter
To know one another
To pierce the film that surrounds us
With needles of light and indeterminable value
I move from your lips to the earth
To make shut that which would ruin you
That which would scar you

The heart alters all that is real
The mind falters only, when we feel

Through gardens of black bamboo and bramble
I cut a path
Trouble not your mind
There is room for two
In this journey
I am a master, but you’d rather run free
No lies penetrate the forest

There are no gods here
If we’re being honest

Forgive my madness, I know not the cause
Nor the chaos that cures
If such a thing exists
Rarities desist
Not only in the soul
Not wanting to love, not wanting to feel
Or need a new verse to hate
I know

The wheel turns and the hour is late
All we hear today is laughter
No sadness or solace
And no depth in the life that comes after
No song to sing to the little ones
No bread to break
The curtain closes faster

I am not the writing on the wall
The cave draws in
Your mind screams, and you are thin
You are encased in the iron
Man of flesh, child of Zion
Women call from the wilds of space
And we are lost to portals
As the Ion

Find peace and know that the world is ended
As you know it
As we are thrown from it
Nothing is true, and nothing is falsified

The world is veiled
And the monsters are deified

Letters to a God

Seek not the thoughts that would leave us in limbo
Nor the solemn disquiet that pulls us apart
The conscious mind knows not the path to follow
It is the unconscious that leads us to all that we love
All that we trust in this world, far above
It is not down below where we find the weak
Nor the ones that would lead us into way of harm
There is the reason we toil in sorrow
And there is the ruin, the terror, the answers we seek

Fear not the questions you would bring to a god
The power of reason has no earthly rival
Nor does it seek to succumb to one weakness
The weakness of thought in theological spiral

Far and forever in worlds led astray
Do the merry men pause in a battle of words
Debacles and torture for those that are clear
Of conscious, of calling, and all that deludes
Seek not the sullen, or manipulative tongues
That weave and wag as the moon in its hour
Nor taste of the fruit that the bards would deliver
There is harm in the tune, there are minds to pollute

Hope and Despair are cut from the same
From all earthly conclusions delivered to blame
We strive and we seek not solutions we need
Nor do we cut those that harbour and hoist
The mantle of messages, poisonous pain
To strive, to seek, to find not the answer
Nor the blood that we need for removal
A cancer
Conundrums of cause yet we cut not the cloth
That would blind us at every hour and vein

Oh why do the answers not come with a name

Wisdom for fools is what the book bends
And we are but ears to the men that would end
A blind man would seek to find vision at home
Not to fall far from the world he would blame
Nor to find fault in the words of a saint
We are what we are
He is what we ain’t

Deliver us from evil and all of its taint

Talk no more of a world and its cost
There is no saving grace for the ones that have lost
For the ones that cry wolf or eat from the fruits
Of evil men and trees of barren ash
We’ve come full circle and time has now swollen
As a tongue of a child, bit by false truths

Seize not the hour to fight for what is
Nor to find falsehood in all that you see
Strength is decay if you lack constitution
Derivative of death and a long lasting kiss
A touch of remorse in the morning that follows
A dawn of delusions and far removed thought
The conscious mind knows not the path
Nor is it hollow

All that we trusted in this world, and above
It is the unconscious that led us here

Not his love