Shadow Play

When the hour is still
And you fall beneath your feet
Know that your body lives
Deeply in the street

Are you there?

We shadow ourselves in the hours
In the fields of wheat
Close but far
We weep

Are you there?

When the gods know fear
And time retreats
Safety in numbers
Hardly a feat

Are you there?

I kindly knock on the door
The roof it creaks
You fail to notice
My feet

Are you there?

When the days are few
But the hour is neat
So we fall furiously
Beneath the seat

Are you there?

We tumble forwards
Though we do not eat
The sunlight in sight
We are the heat

Are you there?

I know not where this goes
And where to meet
That which I seek
My only wish

Are you there?

To find my feet
And trust myself
To bind my beat
The heart
The meat

Are you there?

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis


Death Toll

Listen close to all i say

This is the end

This land is grey

The words we face

In death

In grace

They flow and find our souls

In kind

We are the dew that weep from them

The land

The dirt

The earth

The band

The bards of old will speak

Will sing

To us of ours

The bells will ring

The lords of night will mark

The world

The moon will spark

The dark


We’ll know what lies within


We’ll find ourselves in debt

In doubt

The days will come

And pass

The time

The hour will rise

When we will rhyme

Again and then

We’ll know the tale

Of blood and bane

Of hell

Of hail

Imperfect Soul

The deathly few that haunt me still
That creep and skulk to feign a chill
We fight, we few of holy sin
We suffer all to kill our kin
We venture forth to lands of light
To lands of leaf and endless spite
What do we say to those that wish
To those that want to know the way
We say to them there are no fish
In waters that were dry today

Waters flow into the river
Of blood, of night

And so we quiver….

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis

“The King has returned….”




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