About Me

What am I?

Birth Name….Gabriel Michael Selwyn Francis

True Name….Rain Jakob Veihalis


Class….I am a Writer by birth, a Writer by name….but i am a truly a Fighter, a Ranger and a Druid that often dabbles in the shamanistic arts….a life that presents us with a challenge deserves just that. So I answer in kind with my own challenge. Thus I have been gifted with a keen knowledge of The Force….and I shall use it to master all that I am, all that I was….and all that I will be….

Travels Made….In this life, i have ventured to the majestic Isles of Britain, the perilous and Frozen Lands of The Nord and the mystical Jungles of Chult. This journey has been a hard one but I shall not falter. One misstep and I will fall far away into realms unknown and unclean. So I linger on as my sojourn in this world carries me every which way the wind will blow. These worlds have been haunting, but ultimately they cannot compare to my home….the fabled Land of Change

Current Quest….I am here to change lives, I exist to bring hope and serenity to those around me. I will bring change to my Family, my Friends and at times, my Foes….i will alter all worlds….and all minds with my writing….

Progress so far….*Press Start*

….and so it begins….

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