On this voyage I will end
only ever do you feel
only ever

am I real

are we ever to be free
to be-
or kind to me

music finds my fears
melody to the tears
bemusing to my ears

the mayhem
it clears

once again do I stir the pot
the questions answered
the knowledge
the rot

frantic movement in the mind
in my eyes
horizons blur
and I find the reasons

endless lies

a voice speaks out
in the darkness
in the void
out into the starry night

a siren
a saint
a phoenix
a spirit
a wraith

and untrue

the overture for this sweet song
beautiful, in view
a ruse to ruin
a blade to bear
my heart in tune

front lines call
and I must answer
to find my light
my lure

a greener pasture
to be sure

on this voyage I will end
in your visage I will mend
a circular trip

and as I burn with indecision
my soul will be reforged

I am reborn

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