The Divine Malady

I’ve searched endless eternities for your eyes
For the earthen words to match ‘your grace’
No harm can come to those we’ve touched
Or to those that drink the coral rain
No calm to find without your face
And rancor reigns when we give chase

To gods that promise life eternal
In their eyes we suffer still
In light, in dark
And all the colour
We dance and play and linger


Torn of flesh, and bloodied thrill
Cause, effect and blinded rage
We talk of travel
Ever inward
To fan the flames of our free will

In the gardens of our mind
I’ve found the stones to set us free
Beneath their bones I’ve grown my heart
To measure time and all its reasons
To count the countless years apart

I know you’ve see me in the clouds
And I’ve marked our memories in the ground
I’ve watched you change from blue to red
And followed your path from air to bed
Traversed the clifftops of duality
Back and forth into the sound

The many measures overbearing
The mind, the heart
A rogue in love
But not uncaring

My cause to know a soul’s calamity
In the dark of life
I linger
Bringing hours to the storm
You gift the world with your divinity

Even now I see it clearly
The face that brought this fate to me
My mind races as I lay beneath the stars
The earth
Moving in the way of stones

‘What time is it?’

You sing to me in dulcet tones


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