The Empty Vessel

My life never goes according to plan
I doubt it was ever meant to
I find myself moving to the pulse of a beating heart
It is not mine; it is not yours
Nor the beating of the unborn
It gives me the chills when I think about it
What could have been, were we not meant for ruin
What could have been
If the stars were not meant to burn

At times I find myself flowing from day to day
In a mindless stupor
What are these things that speak to me
In the daylight
Empty arms crossed for broken down motorcycles
Lost along the road to a barren farm
In the twilight
There are no more cigarettes for those that smoke them
No anger
And no more lies for the ones that choke them
No tears for my love, or the stillborn children

I see only sky, in this world of disbelief
Truth take me, for I am a lost cause
My past berates me, in this sullen form that I have become
We drive down roads that make no sense
Forested avenues
To places that charge no rent
To faces that we dare not see, we dare not speak
We dare not live in this time of the meek

And then the mist flows in
We are lost once again to the barren hills of eternity
And all this light fades, because of you
Because of me
The war paint dries and our bodies fall down
Into worlds of ruin and divination
Into a chorus of plastic bags and empty cupboards
Walk with me now, as the world fades around us

Truer words have never been spoken
Like the day we talked for the first time, this time
The pulse quickens, and I find myself reeling
Pain to the ear, the words sting as the end draws near
I come to you in your dreams
Forested avenues appear again
And we are driving to a town we’ve never seen

Dark forms hover over the many graves
Of the men you’ve killed
The hearts I’ve stolen
In them we find our forgotten selves
And no words spoken
No harm done I guess

All I wanted was a token

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