its three in the morning and my mind falls to you
i’ve been slipping lately, forgetting things, regretting things
and then it happens
i see your face and the world moves to madness
broken glass and lilac blinds
thoughts of the years we spent together
thoughts of the hallway passes, the friendly masses
i hear noises i’ve forgotten
laughter that used to drown the droning dullness of this world
pen and paper games of never even cared
you walk forward, but we never made it there
lyrics of broken melodies
and all we noticed was a strong word
foreign to most, forlorn, a ghost
i spoke it to the night gods
they listened and laughed and lost my number
never cared, and never wondered
i move past the feelings now, i move through the reasons
you’ve passed on, long gone
the years have crumbled around the old place
and i know that there’s nothing left
nothing here
all dust and empty mugs
but i still long to see your face
i walk up the hills where we once met
and i know that there’s nothing there
nothing here
struggle on, is what you said
get it done, is what you said
death and the dull blade of the universe
pester me no more as i walk this world
there’s nothing here
nothing left
we played a game that fell to darkness
and all i wanted was a word
a melody
a song
its been a lifetime since i’ve seen you
why can’t i remember your face
new music and temptation
that’s right
you’re gone


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