7:30 p.m.

Lunarian Thoughts

All my life

I have fought;

For others,

For attention,

For time,

For love,

But I am tired.

I think the most


thought I have had of late

is that I want to know

just once

what it feels like

to be fought for


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7 thoughts on “7:30 p.m.”

      1. You humble me with your kindness, friend. I can assure you I know very little about writing. I just attempt to portray what I feel as best I can. I hope I can continue to impress 🙂

      2. Our writings are almost always a direct result of the emotions felt in a specific moment, so one could say that we are all quite knowledgeable about Writing, Poetry and beyond. I guess we’ll both attempt to impress all of WordPress with our Emotions.

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