Late Night Entropy

now tuned in to watch the animals party on
cracked ceramic sphere
yeah i see it coming, i see the swan song
the end is near
and all they want is more
the cage unlocked, the door wide open, mark the floor
Vader’s losing weight as the world progresses
nothing less and nothing more as the animals fester
mid life crises coming up from the black seeds
forgetting the families, forgetting the worth as we shoot the poor
shoot it up, shoot for more
3 pointers flow as the we hemorrhage the core
change the order of the chaos flow
the men up top know
no more and no go as the hammer pulls back
again through the alleys and light rays
no more toys to play with, no highways
buildings fall flat as the tendrils move
leeching life forward through the drug infused grove
the meddling, the noise it brings
we rip apart the words that made us
the skies that gave us
the light that saves us, saves you, no more
that’s true
loud booming and a train goes
another in the night, and the land knows
cracked up, the Lines they Ley
erupting with darkness, no majesty left
no time, the barony went
magic floods into the sky
we fall through worlds as our memories lie
no words, no hate
glass houses rise up and stand eternal
facade, and blessed with death
no lands to spoil the rod
much like the man that was, the hand that harms
the old god


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