Red Matter

down goes the master in the night
down, down, down
red is the colour filled with light
red is the blood we feed the air
dust in the bowl, red , down into the hole
bury your promises with the essence of soul

you mock the lingering question
what is this noise
your mind fills with endless never-theres
never, she never cared
red is the sign of death and passion
red, red, red is the memory
and you are the answer to the question

stolen words from a siren tongue
sultry scents from a violent one
answers to riddles that no one knows
we are the fire, so i suppose
we could be friends if the night was young
we could be red if i was
we could be friends if i was
you could be dead if he was
and i am the best at riddles, i guess

speak no more of talents, or tongues, or torture
my heart fills with anguish and longing
reddish anger, pretty pictures and nausea
so are the silent made to shout
so are the fairest filled with doubt
so do we rise from ashes and fire
the phoenix grows bolder, she cannot retire

so do i wish for a valiant end
to wage war eternal with love as my friend
to wash up on shores made of silver and glass
recitals with children and jovial mass
red is no more and i am the father
the mother is born yet the child is no longer
to heaven, to hell
to all that would mourn us
I’d love her forever
and the night would ignore us

no talk of masters or men of black hair
the light has gone out and the moon is not there
so it begins
the long suffering song
with lyrics of laughter
and music to harm
instrument folly and maestros of doom
the word has gone red
and the heart has no room


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