The Boy That Ran

Run and run and run from you
kill the normal, break in two
lost your way and sanity
lost the life, because of me
run and run and run
from them
run because you envy them

hide from all in plain and sight
kill the hours of the light

lost until the night has come
run to me
love no one
run to me, love again
kill the silence
live again

live tonight
lost until tomorrow
hide in sight
love the sorrow

run away
hide away
hide the heart

kill the song and burn the need
hide away
run from greed
love no one
love is freed

live tonight

live tomorrow
love the light
hide, then follow

free yourself
but look no further
love no one
to run from murder

run away
run today

run too far
and hide yourself
kill inside
last, not least

run away
lost, not freed

free their souls
live their lives
and the loves of old
live the cold
live through eyes

look no further

die no more
run away but do not fall
far away
live a little
live for sights
and love the night

free the frozen
hear the calling
look inside and die a little

taste the tears that fell before
turn the tide
that broke the shore
love in fear
look no further

face the old
the bold precursor
the one you know
the ties that bind

free yourself
and close the door
or close your eyes

and run some more

13 August, 2013


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