The Magnificent Dead

All we are is walking meat
Husks of men that were one day
Here and there and chaos sown
They’ve walked the walls and now they’re grown
Meat to feed the mighty vats
Of flesh and man and wilder cat
We men of dust and beastly fray
That Gods would scorn
and earth, decay
That malice and her ilk would maim
That ancient of the earth would cave
Upon our heads a mighty gash
From wounded heart and sightless blame
Pathetic do we weave this woe
this banner war of spectral herds
Warriors upon the night
The kind that never death and blight
A windy chill is all we feel
When men of death and dark break door
Then carry us to endless night
And onward hunt for evermore
I leave you now for all that’s real
All that was and will reveal
The doors have opened on this night

The will to live has taken flight


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