The Doorway

a door of doors stands before you
bathed in a red hue and energies foreign to your world
you move forward, not knowing what lies beyond
you move forward, with fear and doubt
the door lunges at you
you transition from a place of fear and curiosity
to a place of chaos and rage
a place where inhuman reactions and confusion reign
you face down an opponent that holds the path to your future
a doorway to another dimension, or to the next room
it matters not
your foe inches closer to you
and you react
the is a blur of movement as two men emerge
one wielding the Hammer of Doubt
the other wielding nothing more than his fists
you strike the Hammer from the first man’s grasp
then you remove the confidence of the other with a kick
the doorway recedes, you are rendered blind for an instant
it returns to face you again, so does your vision
you are faced with doubt and anger of the purest form
you rage at them once more
from the depths of your consciousness you find strength
and a malice of black origins
you struggle with your demons as you struggle with the doorway
a woman emerges
dressed in rags, barely covering her scarred body
scars of metal etchings and red tattoos
there are words too, but you find no sense in them
her eyes find yours and you smile at her soul
she produces a sword from her tongue, and the duel begins
you race forward to throw her off guard
you are met with a flurry of sword slashes and bewildering cries
she yells at you in all the languages of the universe
your mind falters as you try to find a reason for all this
a melody begins to play in your mind, and you understand
you match her words, her cries and agony
you speak to her in tongues forgotten
her sword falls, now engulfed in the flames of her devotion
you strike her wrists and arms to subdue her
it does nothing
the woman is distraught, and her body markings come to life
there is another flash, red this time
you are hurled through the doorway by an unseen force
three opponents stand before you
mirror images of the three in your past
Doubt, Anger and Passion greet you with their weapons reforged
you are frozen from your journey through the doorway
but you have allies on this plane
a child steps forth from the shadows
she wields your youth and potential in both hands
then a woman appears, bearing The Axe of Courage
finally a man resembling your father materialises
you are saved, you that have given everything to face the unknown
a final battle breaks out between all in this world
your foes are no match for you and your kin
The Axe of Courage shatters all weapons held by the enemy
Your potential is unmatched when surrounded by those who support you
there is power in your eyes, passed down from father to son
the only casualty this day is that of your indecision
you know your path, and it has known you all your life
the doorway lies behind you as you are faced with a bright future
guided by those who you ran from in the past
you are destined for the stars
go with grace and let nothing stand before you
go with love and the faces of your family
be still in the pools of eternity, and in the corridors of life
there you will find the answers you seek
be still young wanderer, find your courage
your devotion
and be still in the garden of your soul