lift the curtains of YOUR soul dear darling wonderer
calm longing laborer
truth seeker, mind weaver
traveler, of light and mist-borne worlds
the ornaments of YOUR old years lie lingering in the oilfields
in YOUR mind and in YOUR black eyes
YOU are sullied
blanketed with the misfortune of YOUR ancestry
there is naught but a dull saddening at YOUR feet
in YOUR dreams YOU die over and over again
the burnt tapestries of YOUR past lives hang lifeless
now above YOUR casket
broken beats of the heart litter YOUR eardrums
YOU, are lost to the annals of OUR dark history
no more wondering, or mystery, for YOU
YOU, are gone now to the winds of time
MY teacher and friend
forgive those around YOU who know not YOUR majesty
the magic within YOU leaves not with YOUR dust
YOUR soul is immortal and in it I trust
when YOU leave I will be here to watch THEM
as THEY gather in your honour
as THEY sit here and falter, in tears and longing
soft whispers of the days of glory
all attention to the skies as YOU soar over all
in life
but not in this death, or any one after it
YOU leave now to the cosmos where WE truly exist
reborn repeatedly
hollow shells WE are not
travelers of riddle and sweet melody
what was it YOU said to ME all those years ago
what was it now
alas, WE both forgot