Project 2501

For the next while i will attempt to recreate my writing style and complete all the unfinished short stories in my collection. Some of these will be posted to this blog and some will be kept for the physical projects i have lined up. The first one to be completed will be Tenbu, a more than short story revolving around a wandering monk. It’ll test the virtual waters for me and allow me to gauge the strength of my character building. Be gentle, but firm with your comments and criticisms. Many thanks for your support thus far. May the Force be with you all….

The News

tainted love between painted brothers bleeding profusely while
the mothers dust the war wounds with star fruit and little bits of raspberry radaway
what have we done in this time of our lives
what have we won from the start of this old wives tale
of temptation
and broken penitentiary failures lie in wait for our little cousins
as the war/scratch/the law against hugs drives us further from the truth
scar the youth now my friend, we’re falling fast from the roots they left behind
dizzy beats gives us escape as we linger on into the starry night
they give us wonder as we wander down this mellow brick road
the yellow fever starts to fold us into ourselves
into our oneness we delve, and then we scream at the answers found
the bullets lay on the empty playground
remnants of a time long forgot, when war was war and our homes were not
we have killed the mornings of of our lives
with empty nest syndrome and a taste for the darkest capitalist coffee imaginable
the rumours ring true, sometimes intangible, our gravity wanes
but gravity folds and then gives way to new rules
new streets and new fools to warn us of our new shoes
you bathe your thoughts in the aroma of your choice, I’ll keep pen to paper and train my voice
all is well in the garden of your mind
but only for a time