Sweet Severity

i live in the black dribbles of the inklet
i wade through the forests of your deepest thoughts
your mind is open
aware of all surroundings, you are
you search for the distant answers like i do
you wonder
as i do
like the treasures we bury in you
old ones empty themselves to the wind
we know this now
we found you, somehow
and as the music makes its mark on us
we find stillness in the world below
peace in time and energy
be quiet and know the way is forward
the way is walking beside you
there are no paths before us
only that which lies within
no walls of the castle we must scale
we find light and warmth in the knowledge of tomorrow
there we find the ladders up
the wooden walkways replaced with blood
life is the guide
all we need do is follow
all we need is light
there is nothing behind us but the hollow
forward and now
fight on and bring the battles down
bring the fury forward so that we may fall
subtlety knows no victory
only the green ones
different sounds to mark us
from where?
different grounds to lay our souls upon
a pyre to the heavens
rest not in flames of old
fight on
be the canvas that is your blood
be the world we need when the rivers flood
call forth your body
sing to the ink you know inside
speak with the fields that the animals hide
you are cold
but you must not linger here in darkness
fight on
be weary not in times of ash
listen to the voice of the clearest breath
you must not fold
the end comes softly to the door
it knocks but once
and never more


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