where is god when the curtain closes
when the ashes of your favourite world disappear
as you talk to the dying husk of your sister
sing the tunes of an old flame, long lost to time
what then?
what do you wish to see in the mirror
an empty void filled with nothing but colour
keyboard strokes bending your ear as the room clears
the shadows form and you see it
the cataclysm that’s been waiting for you
you are not the heavenly body craved by the masses
the scars of your laughter run deep into your mind
the days are numbered
you did that to the calendar because you’re afraid
distortion rules the day as you sing to a dead picture
broken and alive with memory
clouds burst and the hell above rains down upon you
noises unknown
the world falls in one night
questions go unanswered as everyone fades to darkness
the noises end
all but yours
you were all that mattered
once upon a far away time
when the world soaked in its own glory
now it is empty
where is god
and to whom does he tell this story