The River Burning

if God were the moon and I were the sky
there would be such chaos to sow
all along the river dry
the world would burn as we fought for our time
the moments we’ve cherished in the lives we have tried
forever broken are our sons
our daughters the victor
to the spoils go the supper of dogs and their days
in moonlight we fade away as piano keys
ivory buried low in the graves of the brave
warriors laid low like the wheat of last winter
autumn knows nothing as we serve with a splinter
the sun in its glory would burn with all envy
all the while scalding our sense with noise of the future
noise we cannot ignore
chord after chord of delinquency
fervent melodies we do not wish upon the world
we fight on through this malice
chord after chord
broken again by the sound of their voices
now we suffer
empty homes and burnt bodies on the floor
they reek of yesterday’s war and tomorrows forgiveness
we sow the seeds of hope in one hand
the weeds to choke them in the other
slowly we fall down into the trench
he dug it only yesterday
and now with blood and ash it lies in wait
the walls burn eternally
the trees reversed
roots above and branch below
our world has been lost to the ancient woe
still the fight is ever strong
I maim the stars, he scars the ground
the milky clouds itself with sand
dust from Mars, the barren hand
there are voices running deep and down
through the waves
trembling, weeping as I die
lyrics to a song of death
a song of battle, broken shields
dragons breath
no more do these fantasies matter to me
not in these moments of war
I am cast down upon the earth to fight again
God has won the skirmish and I am ten
my years are stripped as he brings me back
to the monsters I fought when I was pure
no more fighting now
I will endure
again I’ll face my youth with joy
with wondering
I am a boy
I look up at the sky and think
one day I may become some thing
some warrior or fearless beast
and wander the skies that are far and free
no one will stop me when I rise
from this earthly ball to a cosmic guise
when i ascend to heaven rank
only then will this God understand


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