live with me while i breathe the verse
while i sing the chords of your demise
in my eyes you are a soul
completely black
i am not whole
i am no more a man
i am dust in your eyes
in your touch
you do not exist
do not think i cannot see you there
in the starry night
in the far reaches of the furthest sun
dark as the night before yesterday
a future awaits us beyond time
beyond the words we assign
lullabies of pleasant ash
they frequent as we try to gnash
teeth and bone
eye to eye
with perfection there is no more
no more wishing for forever
when there is no skin tone
when we are all together
in a cold assembly
drowning each other in our views
political and unbelievable
how are we not invisible
we see each other
yet we do not exist in this sphere
we are broken moths on the doorstep
pieces of this fingerless fraternity
we cannot sleep
the dark voices know it clear
we are doomed to this eternity
never will we sing the sky
of blues and green
ever shy
the dresses lift as wind evolves
the less we live
the more it calls
never there and always here
forever still
forever dear


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