The Darkest Dreamer

if there were birds floating down in the underverse
far below our wondering, far below our oaths
down beyond the trenches of war and deeper than life itself
would we ask them questions of happiness
or strife
would we ask of the unending darkness before life
and beyond the stars
where the old ones creep in distorted realities
worlds far removed from our awkward musings
where music is heard not by the ears
but by the tongue and touch of our twin flames
the otherworldly counterparts we give birth to in our time
in our lives
in our sojourn through this rift of matter
moments far removed from the thoughts of yesterday
the gentle ebb and flow of our eardrums
no more twisted lullabies for those we bring into existence
only peace in time
in our emerald lives we lie on the beaches of tomorrow
where the waves are made of purest light
left to linger with the shores of shadow and temperance
we lie there
still in the night of eternity
waiting for this time when we are to be removed
far away
what do we say to all those listening
to all the dreamers waiting for their ship to come in
to those that wander, wander on
to those hoping for a better time in the morning of their next life
don’t lose touch of yourself
dream on little memory
wonder on
and if the dark dreamer comes to you in a helpless moment
when you are at your most lonesome
look to him and say, to send him dreaming on his way
i am waiting for my ride, on the waters of the light
so be a dreamer, far away
for death can not have me on this day
what do we say to all those listening
to all those memories whistling
all the creatures that carry on their duties low
when are we to visit there, not before we’ve had our share
what do we say to the darkest dreamer
before he marks us for the keepers
not today my shadowed friend
for today
i will not end


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