worlds far removed from the sounds we see
we travel barren through the moonlit three
the planet, the star and the stone
the stone it throws itself through our own

there is a place that i want you to feel
the empty nest we grew up in
the dead they rest in the plains of kings

onward we stride into paltry gold

foretelling the futures of people we sold
a traveller once said to be wary of gods
they know not the struggles
they know not the odds
be like water and shift with the winds
be true to your own and be still with a nod
move on with life as if it were new
move on slowly
forever move and renew yourself daily
change as the stars do come winter
cover yourself in the clouds of music
in a grain of sand we find the cosmos
in that same cosmos we are what we want most
an envious play on the words we write
they covet our mortality
we covet the night

strings and percussion weave the airwaves
we breathe it in and then we say
true be the hours that hold our ears
false be the flowers we find in our peers
a journey of the sole hurts when it nears ending
a mate of the soul is what comes with the mending
words unspoken in sage old arts
this matters not in your current state
all is worth the wait with matters of the heart


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