The Verse

In the light of this world, you are dark and lucid
your voice echoes through time to drown my own
the words i hear from the mind of your eye
they teach me of love, a truth based on lie
foretold in the order of nature itself
within all realms of the ancient world
this notion conquers all that would rebel
all that rise against its ways
all that know the ending of days
they tear themselves to shreds with hope
with wondering of eternal calm
the love that seeps in through the pores
your face i see through all remorse
all the woe that follows still
through wonderland and all its thrill
the barren views that are not you
the normalities that surface daily
a punishment i suffer through
all the world resides in you
i cannot lie to all the cold
they know my failures are but bold
truth be told it was always new
the love i felt
for only you
the reasons blur the lines of why
there is no version i can find
where my earth exists without
seeing you in darkest corners
mirrored phantoms of your eye
you are loved by me is all
the words i muster to the call
enthralled i suffer daily dues
to find the courage in all the hues
colours run through clothes and I
i wonder how it is that why
i cannot speak or say your name
your face is burnt into the brain
how do i move towards your plane
to whisper truths into your frame
how do i summon sounds to speak
to contact you while they all sleep
a telegraph across the Verse
to the fires in you
are you my curse


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