Nect Projext

they quietly stare and sit while we violently
pick a pair
the monsters they move and rust as the constables cook the just
unjust unjustly mister custer couldn’t care as the fallen belong to him
the callers they will not cringe at the ghostly notorious toasty wonders
meet the misery and other blunders the earth men are responsible
they are reason for constant stumbling
bumbling tumbling fools with bellies of rumbling too
all of them wondering what is cool
to wish the blind eye on all the deaf hearing
the cause and effect cannot be sharing or caring
tornadoes effect the blissfully unaware and those that want answers
they sit and they wash their hair
they comb the chaos out of it not knowing they’re part of it
not knowing the reasons that we are what we be
that the hidden lie in wait for their fluency
in death and market prices galore, in wall street whimsy and fallacy encore
broken telephone to those that lay in zone
out sourcing their dreams to bidders with beams
architecture or not you’re the one that they want
they’re the wolf in bear’s clothing not versa not showing
not knowing we know the core is visible
not knowing that we the faint of heart are invisible
truth be told i am deaf to your listening
you wish to be heard whispering as the world falls
words to your reasoning i am the taste to your seasoning
the strawberry fun day to your gun control
one day we’ll weep for your torrent of torment
the men willfully sow the truth as we leap with a lament
a current to flow from the clouds in the sky
to the walkways of copia
dystopian euphoria to blind us again
a winner you think while your dinner is pink
while your bidder lies in green to throw slavery at the screen
he knows the rule is short so be truthful now
we know the weddings were worked to show the majesty’s clean
cut the camera rope that noose is a a wishful joke
we’ve seen the answers in lies of our own
so please go ahead
plant the micros in our bones


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