A Dream of Dreams

There stood a beast in the window frame
dull and not too sudden
the flame was scarring in mind
in body it stole
in soul i was lost to the nether
to the far reaches of the cosmos
the beast spoke at me
calling a name i knew not in this realm
the name of the infinitum
the world within worlds
a realm that is not there
my body rose up into the black light
the dull droning of its breath pierced all
i was numb
sent into myself
there were rivers in my mind
rivers of knowledge
i was burnt by my unknowing
scarred by the words it spoke to me
this was no demon
this was no god
i was in the presence of a creature from beyond
it was beautiful
formless yet fitting all of them
and then as i transcended
i fell as if life had ended
the noise i heard when i hit the ground
of my room
in my home
in a barren place in the world
there was no trace of my journey
into the mind of this thing
there was no trace of its words
i had only memory
my life was altered and yet
i was unchanged
in knowing that my life would resume
to walk back from black holes and calamity
unscathed and left with my sanity
i was new
the life i had felt in its presence was old
there was no proof
a story untold
now i sit in this chair and wonder what it was
who i was back then and if i lost
my mind in all the droning
the dull black moaning of my mind
i am left with reason
the noise i heard was not real
instead the cosmos paid me the mind
they tore and tripped all the feeling
i am whole again after all this time
i have found the balance in my mind
i am free
of ridicule and all the words
all the useless societal chords
i have risen from the deep
from that place where horror weeps
i am folded into snow
i know now where i am to go
travel now into your sleep
into your dreams where shadows creep
visit voices of the sirens
deep inside where nothing matters
down into the nothing core
where all that rests are dusty shores
all the sands of time and star
rush to them, they are not far
only in your time can you
learn to live like children do
in the moments out of time
and in that world
a life you’ll find


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