Blades of Green

be still young child and read the thin letters
the fine-print to the mindset that you have been left with
push back the polluted veil over your eyes
over your ears
vacate the media meddling in your illustrious calm
the questions you seek serve only to call
the sweet calamity of pain
formaldehyde rumbling beckons to those that embalm
you in wisdom and vengeance
protect all the pensions with stale ideas and temperance
respect those that know the way
the woe
they have felt the whip of many a mind reader
many a kind feeder to the populations that have gone
they have none
they are put to sword when they are strong
when we are weakest we have won
know thy enemy and you will go on to greatness
force the issue and you will fall
to fate
the faithless
they respect nothing, they reject the wondering
wander on wonderer knowing that you are not alone
know the places you will go have not been destroyed
they are filled with memory
empty letters of energy
reach out and find the answers in the trees and sky
fall down to your knees and worship nothing, but yourself
you are the elder flower in its truth
the earth welcomed you in all your youth
now that you have flown away to congress and greed
you are all that the mindless need to push on
go on with your ways and fight the surface
the underbelly of this world is there to feed
you and all your unfriended foes
climb out the window and into hollow
mountain ash and woodland sorrow
the animals wait there for your voice
to echo onward
to stretch on into nothingness
the void calls out to your shadow and form
silhouettes and tragic alarm
beat the ground with your footsteps and cry
out to the celestials and they will reply
we see the end to all this humming
the droning of ruin and empty summoning
monsters we are no more
no more
thunder the earth with your broken drums
the war for Gaea has only just begun


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