I, Human

I move through worlds like the rhythm of hurt
as the widow of worth runs her fingers through my hair
the world shudders as her sister lays bare
broken and unaware of the path she has chosen
blissfully and uncontrollably careless
unresponsive to the words we fling at her
tongue tied and trusting we lunge at her
thrusting through the midnight air
i cannot wave this into the night
i cannot linger on as we plunge further
into darkness and dead sponges at the bottom
the pit lies empty now as we reach the middle years
the fervor has subsided revealing only liars
letting the answer float between our ears
the master reasons not with us
he is taint incarnate
wrestling with the fates that share the earth
fire, water and the miserable air we breathe
it tracks our footsteps through the cosmos
making a mess like the animals we are
it’s what we know
all that we can do is continue
and grow
all the while we rip her apart
the misery that lies in our wake is unparalleled
unbridled and fare thee well
you have been chosen for a special mission little one
you are to march on the milky and find us a planet
you are to dive deep into the matter and kill us a deer
prove your worth and give us hope
without you we fall down into dust
into rubble
we are the cause and effect in the rust
in the time we have left you are to be trained
you are to watch over the ruins as we raid
as we quiver quietly unconditionally rioting
you see us now don’t you sweet dove
you have tasted the vino and now you must
fly further into fury
become all you can be as we scar you profusely
listen not to the words of the meek
they hate you quietly even as we speak
even now you are doomed to a world of no
a world of highs and unknown lows
you are fated to life eternal and dark
now be quiet young one
the show is starting and we are at the back
the untouched sunny ones that are forgotten
be still my sweet or we’ll get in trouble
you know what must be done
you know the path
go that way
and face the demon of your last


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