Rhythmic Hues

i flow freely from page to pen
the muse calls forth and i answer unknowingly
she calls to the birds within
the freedom skin that roams
to know this melody is to open up everything
inside the mind’s eye we see the beginning
so few of us know what it means to flow
so little of us feel this and grow
now we go
onto blindness unknown to the heart
the soul
the land
the music time forgot
i swim gracefully through the audioscape
knowing not what lies beyond
my fate
tears of the drummer
and all that lies there
the mother
whispering endless tune into thought
my mind is hungry for this weather
the harmless rains of yesteryear
i am consumed
twisted forms appear before my now broken
i am warped by the sounds that i see
built up as my form moves to me
i bring tidings of grass far greener
the garden of the mind
is cleaner
these melodies free me
find me nearer still
than a body unbound
a place where we are thrilled
and shown all the wonders
a place with no ill
rainfall quickens as the air is quiet

there is nothing but energy here
nothing but love and living fear
a mindless creature we appear
to all the fates i am sincere
you call to us
we cannot hear
what lies we trust as fallen deer
read with me child and free yourself
open mind to emerald clear
clarity reigns as darklings leer
at us from all the corners
fates are weaved as we grow shorter
to the ground so that we may
feel the earth as it gives way
to all that matters not no more
to shores of glass and ancient lore
archaic shells of creatures past

we are done for
built to last

the suns they seek that which we may
bring forth from ember, swords and clay
we are doubtful as to why
we wonder when the others die
all these questions roam the sky
unanswered still behind black eye
a death of dust and older faith
we lie in wait as time takes shape

a melody soon to end
soon to take the time we mend
a place we come to at the bend

read with me o feeble friend
rest until tomorrow comes
in your mind your body runs
with animals and painted wind
a place unknown
where we begin
sift through sands of space ad time
lift your hand as i lift mine
grieve with me as we tumble far

from memory

as falling star