The Sun of Man

i am faced with a question
to know the answer is bliss
and it would mean death in all its forms
in all its darkened glory
ignorance has paid the price for its flaws
and its own short story
the taint of not knowing where
or why we form in this sphere
the questions that run through our lives
the reasons for our cosmic insurrection
why not?
who claims dominion over our souls
and the mighty Universe
sunless and soulless we would be
were it not for these entities
battling eternity for our very lives
for the thoughts that make us
for the words that shape us
a circle imperfect
in the black moondust of our eyes
and the reason for this world
the desperate fight for purpose
is just what we’ve always known
all that we could ever own
our selfish lonely selves
the angels with their digital wings
shake hands with demons
and their surrealist rings
all that we are
is all that we’ll ever be
and all that i am
is all that you’ll ever see


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