You’re Empty

So I’m sitting here in front of this evil screen, with endless moments lost to the Time Infinium trying to recall the best days of my youth. I’ve tried to find the best words to slip your way, but alas, i have found myself to be blank and pathetic in this struggle for mediocrity. Stuck here with the mighty Alice in Chains on repeat because apparently i was born a decade to late. So much more would have flown from this mind had i been exposed to the drug fuelled brilliance of the early eighties. Or maybe that’s just the belligerence of the legal, drug infused cocktail i just downed in order to peddle this drivel to your measly minds. So here I am checking my brain in the one-way mirror, with God and his cohorts on the other side, laughing at the guitar strings of my brain being numbed out by caffeine and codeine.

What do we do? Strum on into the night of dull day jobs and ill-spent energies, or wade boldly into the chaos of drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. I sip another line of the white ink and caress the keyboard with gentle strokes, and words appear. Thought it is more akin to incoherent rambling than actual wordplay or time-killing brain-fodder. I let the music kill my thoughts with its lyrical sledgehammers and just free think, or free write. A pointless stab at a blog post but then again, that’s what it’s here for isn’t it, to expose one’s mind to the critique and madness of the internet, or the great beyond. Yeah, that’s about it. Well, here’s mine on a rusty platter…


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