The UFFC: “The White Wizard Approaches”

Looking forward to seeing more fantasticals get murdered by their equally fantastical counterparts. Fantastical!

Previously: Jin Kazama and Ryu fought in a swift but brutal fight, in which Jin Kazama emerged the victor. He returned to his erstwhile companion, Morgana Le Fay, and the witch revealed another ally – Saruman the White, who has begun to discern the nature of the world.

‘Something festers within the heart of this world,’ said Saruman. ‘Something that even my gifts cannot discern.’
Jin Kazama, fresh from his victory over Ryu, collapses in a heap before the fire, exhausted.

Morgana cast an appraising glance at him, then returned her attention to the White Wizard.
Hooded and cloaked, he carried himself like a king, cradling his staff.

‘Have you discovered something?’ the witch asked.
‘Indeed,’ said Saruman. ‘I divined it when I wrenched the light from a misbegotten vampire. She and others of his kind prowl this world, seeking answers, but there are none. Only the makings of some…

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