Dragon Ruin

as i lay there in dying earth

the men fought on furiously

with fervor great

and armour torn

some fell beside me

farvel to me, a lasting time

others rose up into the sky

to slay the dragons there

with wounded crow

and silver eye


through monstrous ash

and falling clouds

there stood a beast within time

and with halted gasp

his gaze fell upon me a moment

before his breath burnt the moon


the night had fallen to chaos,


and carnage true

masters they were

of all things dark


i watched as my brothers took the moments they had

to face the unfathomable horde

a dragon flight

the first one in years

i saw them surface in the night

my eyes reduced to tears


the hours went by slowly

so that we could feel every pain

every horror

deeper still in every vein

they flew in from the savage west

to take us all into their hell

a burning forest

my last visage before the end

before i fell


may the Mother protect my loved ones

may she guide them onward still

into all that i could not

show them with my body’s will

give to them my power now

to them the hours lay in wait

for those that would defeat this fate

to him that would rise up on steed

a victory find

to greater deeds


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