The Troll’s Toll – the Launch Day Aftermath

“You must gather your party before venturing forth.”

So where exactly do we start? Beginnings are important things, and those who’ve tried penning a story or a poem know that sometimes the most daunting thing in the world is the blank page. So many things in the heart and mind, so many resolutions, so much to report, but I feel that the first thing we really need to say is


A day after our launch, we hit 300 views and the count is still climbing steadily, due, perhaps to our twitter accounts and spamming the hell out of our friends on facebook (We’re both sorry and not sorry at all), but also due, perhaps to all our readers telling everyone else  ‘hey, you know that weird guy? Well he and his equally weird friends started a magazine. Check it out!’

So for those who haven’t yet had a chance to check out the magazine, let me…

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