Live Long and Trollspear….

….and the skies parted for the the midnight dawning of a new age. A rekindling of that other age that one time, what was it, ah yes, The Age of Enlightenment, but within a new world, a better world. This new era of wonderment and bold, yet unimaginable imaginings of fantastical imaginations, had given rise to a power more powerful than Gandalf himself could fathom. Shall i digress into tedium and dishonour, or shall i delve deep into the mines of my own misread meanderings and continue to draw out your soul.

There was no end to the awe-inspiring characters or wordplay that was present in this world of verbosity and Prismatic Spray (This is a spell). The bright eyed individualism of this broken world cried out in the hopes of tearing into that other place we know so well….into the worlds of Lupin, Isaac and their friend Tabbard Lark.

Now, dear reader, i shall grab you by the topknot, the hair of your chinny chin chin, and by your devious nether regions to drag you screaming into a world you shall grow to love. Not hate, but love, because hate is a mean word, and so very very hateful….like Hatespark the Tiny. Join us in freeing the mind of the ever bashful muse within you, the tainted warrior that you have longed to become, or perhaps that little Gnome that resides deep within the catacombs of your cerbral medulla nasal cortex thing.

This is happening, right now, so get there before all the cookies are gone….


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