Of Nothings and Nevertheres

Onwards and upwards….

Landred Vhael

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This poem is for the dreamers, who refuse to wake up.*

A candle,
a dream,
soft light
touching my edges

This is a sad place
filled with old pain,
in the spaces
where a name lies abandoned
buried in old hurts.
He lies dreaming
of dust and dragons
waiting for
reality to die.

Catch as catch can,
while your ‘can’ can’t catch me,
filling the pages
with older worlds,

writing words
that are not real,
not yet,

I have spent
my years
dreaming in quiet spaces,
wandering the memories
of lost civilizations,
I have uttered words

whose stone shapes
have shattered
the bones
of the boy

who came before.
I remember when blades
bloomed in darkness,
memories of silence
in my arms
softer when I held them,

And my drowned nothings
held on to what…

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