A Timeless Conflict

Restless like a wolf among bears

I know the hour comes later than usual

This night for tonight the light falls fair

Into furthest hour, we all now the end is far

Away it goes earlier each night,

Every day and each day, every night I fall prey

And away she goes into the grey misty

Night, the day stands closer to sun than moon

And all we ever lost in the storm were spoons

Not much to talk about since your breath went out

Like a flame and moth dust littered all about like frost

Does this look infected to you I am unsure as to

What goes on beneath my skin I cannot know?

What lurks beneath the deep I will not go?

There again to find the creeps, the murky meat

Upon the broken bones and murderous intent

We find upon the throne as we kneel beneath his feet

O how they reek as if he had died and

This is not my home anymore, why because I am

Tired of seeing an empty space right there

Next to where it once was that thing I lost in

That storm was beautiful that one time when we were near

The edge of all reason and I am falling in again so

I think it is time this tale came true as I am walking away

From you, again I now this cannot pass for I am silver

Empty grass, and I am shadowed, followed like a fool

Restless like a bear among wolves

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis


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