Write as Rain

All it takes is a word….

Or a picture, some music, a feeling….a girl. These are the requirements for greatness. For pen to hit page all you need is one of these infamous things to cross that mind of yours. Mere seconds after the process you’ll be left with the aftermath of one of the most iconic moments in your life. Is it a breakup, an epiphany, a solitary second of pure artistic bliss. I guess so, why do you ask? Because you’re done, you’re finished, you have made it into the world of whatever dream captured your mind the night before. All it takes now is for someone to discover your magnificence and you’ll be set for life. If only it were that easy to set sail upon the seas of immortality. Dream on Pencil Boy, you’re lost in the ceramic rhythm of your own twisted tale. Deceit and peril lie in wait for you as you tiptoe home after a night of tears and revelry. The strawberry sickness has you….and you are doomed to a life of false hope and solitude. Enjoy (0.o)


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