Adrift in a World of Light

This is probably something i should not share with the world, at least not with this one. I don’t think i should show it to the digital landscapes of the Internet….or to any of you. Please don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just that this piece means the world to me. It is precious beyond reason. One of those works that should remain unpublished, in any medium. It is a part of me, something that i wish to safeguard….a part of me i fear to lose. Oh well….handle with care….onwards and upwards into the sky….we dare

Red Riding

Sylvan eyes appear before me now and again
As you slowly lift your head from the bed
Your face blooms in the midnight sun
Your dreary droopy face marks the evening grace
Sweet and silver sparks your eye at me and mine
The immutable difference is that I am asleep and you
Are not

we drift apart as you move closer to my side
you just seconds out of your reality and me
i am centuries from my dreams
laughter and moonshine glisten in the evening air
senses collide as we crush ourselves to the window
watching the world sway back and forth as the moon grins greedily
clearly we are forgetting the night
and the sun
and the fact that we might be as one

it is unavoidable it seems
sometimes it is not all in your head as they say
more often than not you weep
and as I fall from your eye I am drowning
in your joy and depression equally
they scar me profusely and yet I am in love
with you
then I awake to find my love twisted
colourless and unclear within this world

strange words fill our minds as the window gives way
the air has broken our ascent into the hells
the bells chime as we fade further into fire
we scream at ourselves but fail to notice
we fail to notice
we fail to notice

we forget to understand that as we fly
the air and dust and dreams inside
they tear and shift and die in time
as we drift, as we fall
the chasms open to our call

we soar higher, higher and lighter to the stars
our minds have melded with our arms
as we touch and taste and take
the mind moves with us

we fail to wake

this dream we share of crimson sky
of molten sun and pure blue lies
it wraps our fingers in our tongues, in our lives
to take our souls and bend to one
thoughts and quiver all inside
to make our vacant selves collide

the air we breathe as earth falls far
it breaks the lung and barren flesh

we take our steps into the dark
the deep water flowing calm
a journey unlike that with start, unravelling
we travel unknowing and apart
a sojourn to the mind’s own mind
to visit all that would be kind

careless care awaits our peace
when we stay there we shall see, all the shining
all that wonders with our selves
wonderment spared for none at all
a wonder stare

digress we must to fragile domes
within the mind these places dwell
your smile burns them brightly ever more
this journey with you has not begun
it has no end
to start this with you I will not be myself, again

in my stead I will become all that has no meaning
no shell and no soul
a leaf on the winds until the day I draw

your eyes haunt me as I am returned
to the place I know not and the place I have learned
upside down as usual we float into the world
breathless and forgotten
but we like it here

your unmatched eyesight and my skill in sound
their feet may know sky, but we remain

take us back now sylvan queen
with your eyes and ears and unmatched red
i beg you to return our selves
to the place where we once met
that place we bar from mind and eye
a place I long for without knowing why, or from where
Do we begin anew….

Travelling again into my reality I drift
Onto the bed
As you rise from it and from your
Dream sleep, wheels have long since been turning
Turning, turning around while we spar within the night sky
Speak to me queen of my thoughts, of my mind
Why has this begun once more without us
Knowing from which side we rise or have risen or rose
Petals may become the thorns and the flower blooms redder than your lips

I give it away that our journey falls flat if I speak of it
This dreamscape, this empty reality
Of what do I speak my sylvan siren
I speak of a death in life so deep that we weep
For it unknowingly….unknowingly for it do we creep about in the stars and
Do we seek to find the truth of our journey together
Secretly we weep with tears of moon and fire

Secretly I yearn for your touch while you sneak
About like the night walker you are o forlorn muse
Unknowingly while you weep and sway
While you drink the day and night away
I watch you as you are now
Beautiful and weak
I watch you always, because as it has been, and will always be
I am awake, and you my goddess

Are asleep

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis


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