Luckier You

Sometimes men think of silly things
To tell their wives and brides
The scribes
Sometimes they think of many rings
To tell their children
Of petty dreams

Dreams of lands forgotten still
Of dreams and dread
Within all beings

Sometimes men question it all
The answers known are
None at all
They question themselves to wonder
They answer the stars with no reason
No try

Sometimes the men begin to live
They begin to die inside
And they start to love
Sometimes they know what the wisdom will bring
What the answers will do
When all the noises sing

Sometimes I wonder what I must do
What I must say to get through to
Sometimes I think of some words to say
A question of what
An answer of why

Sometimes you speak for me with your mind
With your lessons
Your beauty and
Ponderous eyes

Sometimes I think that the world should be killed
And then I think back

To the days you have healed

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis


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