Dungeons and Caffeine

Here’s another weird and word-erful concoction. Don’t ask, just read it, thank you please. The chances are that i don’t have the answers for you anyway….perhaps the words leaping out at you like Barbarians from the Elk Tribe will shed some light on whatever problems are plaguing you presently. Enjoy it, if you dare….and if you don’t, i simply don’t care (O.o)

Life is a smile
Take it slow and simply
Eat 2 pieces of cake at a time
And time and time again
Is a breath of
Fresh polluted air so what’s
The point in taking too much of
It will only send you skyward sooner
Than you think you’re in the stars chilling

With the spiders and flyers

The driders love you and are

Sweating up a storm for all
The questions we have for it all
Gets answered when we fall

Into the waters at the shore
You can have a sip this ain’t Kansas
Or Dale
Where are we flying to now knowing
That is the answer to it all
Isn’t it

Say goodnight Dorothy dear
Home is where the

Home is where the

Home is where

“Where’s me ale!?”

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalisbarware-mug-es-morndas-full


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