We’re stuck in lands beneath a tree

Beneath our eyes we find the sea

An ocean view of every smile

Every God for miles and miles

We look there daily to renew….

The essence fire free in you

We are golden haired beloved creatures

And they have made us to be saviours

What are we without this light?

Enemies for every night

Every which way we fade>

With music as the noble slave

Darkness dares to show its face

<But we fight back with shimmering grace

Blockages help us nothing but

They wander helpless through the rut

A chaos born from endless calm

A reason to lay still your arm

What lies now beneath this storm?

Beneath the earth beneath the warm

What find you in your sacred heart

What lies there deep within your art?

Beings brought from magic’s core

What have we done to live this lore

Live it, life, and find the urn

To [place your soul within]

To burn

Energies creep and clear themselves

They are what we become in hell

A place that does not live

A place within, we singe, we build

A land of peace and plenty love

This land is ours

We roam above


Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis



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