What Are We Now

What is it that keeps us here?
A force unseen
Gravity, no
Is it the grip of life
The unshakeable dance of the clouds up there
The spirits below
Are we here, living

Or do we dream eternal

As we move around this place, this face
Do we shake the ground
The earth
Does it know we touch the surface
Of its grace
Its weary face

Are we one with this world
Should we be
Should they feel us, like we feel them
The spirits, the creatures of lore
What do we know of them
They have a bond with us
And we are unknowing

Perhaps they hold the key to all
They have lived before us
They will live after we are lost
And they walk with us now
They are no doubt a binding force
We share this sphere with them

Do we not

If they are the key
We are the locks that close
That open
Every now and then
Our minds fragile and afraid
To know when to learn
When to find out

We are the locks
The metal link between ourselves and everything
We keep ourselves grounded
Earthly coils bonded
What can it be
The feeling true

A force that connects us
That connects me to you
What moves us into place
So that we may feel
Each other again
Are we even real
do we understand all that moves within
All that moves us here

And here again

To and fro we linger still
Up and down until we see
All that was and will ever be
Music to the ears of God
To the hands of spirits
We are that which has no truth
We are the force

That holds the root

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalistree_of_life_by_benu_h-d38qss6


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