Whisper to me of your time
That I may understand what i
Could not, cannot know in truth
We are but mortal, vacant
We are so crude

Knowing is but half the war
a fight for such a beauty score
A war of numbers, not in mind
we mark ourselves in painted light
We paint ourselves into the night

Solemnly we bow to them
The entities that cry within
they give us peace when we are
They are what we are
We are desire

try again to know what moves
What lies within?
The trees we prove
To them we are but lowly dust
The future fuel
we are the trust

Slowly must we back away
in order to let go of day
into the night we fight with slaves
To the slaves within
We are the grave

Under moonlight do we move
Breathless and in truth
you prove
To me and mine that you are
A purity
we cannot lose

sing to me o evergreen
Lend me energy to free
myself and many of the bow
A moonsong i
we need to know

that which I may never know
A trembling time for them to grow
within they suffer helplessly
We must be true
We are born free

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis


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