Infinite Endings

Where I live is in my mind
A place where I may roam unfelt
To those who seem alone at heart
This place is home
And I am needed

I am cosmic and clear

To all those within
To all those I see there
You may feel free
To leave now as I lay down
As I fly deeper down into this heaven

What does it mean?
What means this start
This place is lacking
My hell needs art
A hanging garden
Or walls of fire
To bring a darkness to the fray

To linger still
While angels play

What I have here
What I have done
Is to wander into time
And change its song
Words of woe
With rhythms true
These things are unending
But what a view

Carry on to endless night

Wonder why there is no sky
Speak to me in tongues of God
And fly with me into her eye

Gabriel Michael Rain Veihalis


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